The Black Phone

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The Black Phone
Перевод игры
Серия игр
Автор(ы) Oreolek
Дата выпуска 2 января 2016
Платформа Raconteur
Язык английский
Открытая лицензия [[wikipedia:{{{лицензия}}}|{{{лицензия}}}]]


Прогулка по чужой квартире. Игра написана на геймджем LocusJam.

На русский язык пока что не переводилась.

Как всё начинается

Peter had so much trouble sleeping he had to drown his pills in at least an hour of thoughts.

A violent ringing of the bell awakened him. He rose from the bed, grumbling: “Crazy neighbors and their guests. It must be three o’clock!”

The visitor entered the hallway. It was him ringing the bell, but he was not going to meet Peter. In fact, he wasn’t looking for meeting anybody here.

Fourth floor, apartment 406. There, he tried two keys. The second of them fitted the lock.

Burglary is a curious line of employment. Befittedly, Ronald Chernoff was very curious about a black phone behind the door of apartment 406 in a wooden box on a small table no farther than two meters from the bed. A gift, a prototype, a valuable treasure left by Anastacia Kozlowa when she fled the country. Of course, one had to be reasonably au fait with her Instagram to notice that.

Peter opened his door to find an empty silent corridor. He went to the neighbor’s door and met a closed door. Ronald was working inside, quietly walking around the apartment. He began the inspection from the living room.