Dull Grey

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Dull Grey
Перевод игры Серость
Серия игр Прогресс-программа (часть 2)
Автор(ы) Provodnik Games: Роман Власов
Дата выпуска 1 октября 2019
Платформа ink
Язык английский
Открытая лицензия


IFComp 2019
12 место из 82

An interactive drama in the traditions of Soviet fiction about choosing a profession.

Mother and her teenage son live on the edge of the world amid hot springs, steam, mountains, five-story houses and rusty freight robots. Their present is routine. Their future is under the strict control of Progress-program. Which also means routine.

Making their choice they seem to be on the horns of a dilemma. But it may also be a rare chance to escape the dull grey surrounding them.

If they could only find a way to use it.

Перевод и обновлённая версия игры Серость


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