The Game

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The Game
Перевод игры
Серия игр
Автор(ы) Dorian Silver and Igor Savin
Дата выпуска 26 августа 2004
Платформа DosURQ
Язык английский


"What is "THE GAME"?", you might ask. And that'd be a good question indeed. "THE GAME" can be described as an attempt to create The Perfect Game, or certain person's vision of The Perfect Game...

That wouldn't explain anything, though. Yes, it's an attempt. Yes, it's Igor's vision behind everything. Yes, we're talking about The Perfect Game. But to limit "THE GAME" with just that, is to simplify anything way too much.

In fact, "THE GAME" existed all the time - everywhere. It's... Well, natural. It's something everyone's born with. Something noone can live without. Something, that is, maybe, of even greater importance than struggle for beauty every one of us have.

It's way more than a simple PC Singleplayer Role-playing Strategy Simulation Textmode Game. And way less. In a sense. It's not actually intended to be played. It wouldn't be a game at all, if it could - but it can't. It's unseparable part of The Game that Igor's playing... With himself, yes, but with every one of us just as well.

Play The Game.